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U.S History

U.S. History … A Christian Perspective

God's reasons for founding this unique nation is seen in its founding peoples beliefs, governmental structure, founding documents and literature, freedoms desired, spiritual deepness, spiritual commitment to Christ, freedom to worship God unhindered, preachers strong preaching and strong local churches.

What has been the bases of economic prosperity to this land is nothing less than Divine grace to those who worship God through his only begotten Son. The overflow of this grace was embraced by all others in this land who did not worship God yet had the benefits.

 Earthly benefits are only temporary at most and will not be transferable into eternity. The long term investment plan that some in world history had hoped to accomplish such as the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh's placing their earthly possessions into their tombs along side their coffins is not transferable. The Pharaohs soul and spirit is long gone and in the place called Hades and their stuff is still in those tombs.Those who know and live for God and his Son's purposes are given eternity to live forever with him. This is the ultimate abundant grace given to America because of its founding people and succeeding generations dedication to God through his Son, Jesus Christ.
U.S.A... History will be seen through this perspective with verifying proofs of this truth.


I will skip over other important American Christian founding history such as: Jamestown, Virginia Founding 1608, The Pilgrim, Plymouth Colony Massachusetts 1620-1691 or Rev. Thomas Hooker, Hartford, Connecticut Colony founding for Pilgrims 1636. All of these foundings where important to American development as God was building this Nation with the emphasis on the worship of Almighty God through his Son Jesus Christ.

However, In my view, the most important founding connected with the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the America people as a whole unto this very day was William Penn's Pennsylvania in 1681-1682.

In 1682 William Penn (Oct 14,1644-July 30, 1718) founded Pennsylvania ( Penn's Woods). This land was given to him by King Charles II because of the large financial debt Charles II owed to William's father Admiral William Penn( 1621-1670). He was The Admiral of the entire English Navy at the hight of his career. Eleven years after the death of the Admiral, King Charles paid his debt not with silver or gold but new land acquired in the new world which would be later called America.

This new land was used by William Penn to create the first and only area in the colonies established for Christians of any faith background in order to live Christian free from persecution or free from Country and State dominance over the church. The church would manage the church like Christ established it. During this time, the Church of England was used as a tax supplier to England's government. The state used the church for its own selfish worldly purposes. Though William acknowledge due respect to the King of England and Parliament of which is father had a seat in Parliament yet William Penn proved Christian loyal and acknowledge the supreme eternal King, Jesus Christ under God Almighty as his ultimate Sovereign. Penn designed Pennsylvania for the purpose to allow any Christian freedom of worshipping Almighty God through Jesus Christ his Son freely with no government or other religious interference. Christians would be unhindered by any governmental group or sect that would try to usurp, disrupt, control or persecute. 

William Penn founded Pennsylvania in 1682 and designed its new city Philadelphia and towns around the first three counties of the new colony with one great difference in all the world. He founded this area with voting rights of the people to vote for their elected temporary administrative government leaders who would handle the usual affairs of running a Colony/state. The people were given the right and authority in the first time of human history, to vote for their temporary government leaders. This was never done before in the history of mankind. The common everyday person in this colony/state of Pennsylvania was given voting rights to vote into office their own government leaders. The temporary leaders would answer to the voters during the voting season and could be removed from office. Instead of century's of pervious wars by kings against other kings or money by the very rich and landowners deciding who would be the government leaders, this power was given by William Penn as Pennsylvania first Governor and land owner to the people of the colony/state of Pennsylvania.

However, very important key instructions where given from William Penn to the citizens of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was established for Christianity freedoms. Its citizens who where nearly all Christian in faith and practice needed to understand the purpose and responsibility of each voter.

William's instructions of guidance to all citizens in the Pennsylvania:

1. Vote your choice for any elected leader based upon the Godly quality requirements from God's word, The Bible.

2. Remember, that on the Day of Judgement by God, Jesus Christ will judge your voting decisions wether they be good or evil. 

3. Each elected official will be judged by Christ on the Day of Judgement for how they managed the business of the people.

( Christian people in Pennsylvania even the entire nation today during every voting season must remember these guidelines and warning.)

William knew the Day of Judgment was clearly taught in scripture: in all the four Gospels, Paul's letters, Peter's letters, Old Testament Prophets books and the Book of Revelation seven years of judgement when Christ returns to rule the world! Also, William knew that Christ acknowledge him as the servant who founded Pennsylvania for the Glory of God.

William knew as the Bible tells us that every knee will bow to Christ as Lord. He knew that every person will be required to give an account of their life especially Christians, to the Lord of Glory for how each one of us lived.

Voting rights for all Americans' started in Pennsylvania because of William Penn. The framer founders of the USA Constitution and Bill of Rights with first amendment right documents would be written in 1789. All the fifty-six Constitution signing founders acknowledge and reference back to William Penn with Pennsylvania remarkable foundation as crucial and inspiring for their work on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Also, fifty-two of the fifty-six signers except one being Catholic belonged to protestant Christian denominations which acknowledge Christ as the Son of God and Saviour. The other four signers believed in the same one God who created the Universe but had not confessed Christ as Lord yet. In other words, without William Penn being Holy Spirit lead by God in 1682 to found Pennsylvania with Christian principles and voting rights, there would be no Constitution, Bill of Rights or America as we know it.

William Penn as a Christian young man in 1669, wrote his first book while in the Tower of London prison. He was waiting his trial for exercising his Christian life principles. He was being persecuted for righteousness sake. He won his court case but only after a long unjust trial while waiting in prison and intervention from his Admiral father.

(My own grandfather moved to Bethlehem,Pennsylvania from St Johns Bay, New Foundland in about 1908. My father was born in Bethlehem in 1911. I was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Wednesday 30th July 1952 the same day,date,month Wednesday 30th July 1718 that William Penn died at age 73. So, my family as benefited from the voting rights that William establish in the very state he establish them.)

(Also, it appears that both William and this father where born around the times of severe plagues in London England in the 1620's, 1640's but both where out of London before the Great Plague in 1665-1666. See utube documentary's on these plagues.)

When studying the founding of Pennsylvania and the Moravian founding of Bethlehem, I read Penn's first great inspiring book years ago. This second book emphasized: Holy living, Christian witnessing and worldliness, luxury and backsliding in the churches. I strongly suggest every Christian read it or anyone interested in the founding of the USA.

The book is titled: "NO CROSS, NO CROWN" by William Penn 1669

edited by Ron Selleck, (c) 1981 Friends United Press, Richmond, Indiana

or any book distributor would have access to purchase this great book.

Penn wrote several books and forty Christians tracks during his lifetime.



List of some American Christian History books I have read while in Bible College's.

1. The American Covenant, The Untold Story by Marshall Foster and Mary-Elaine Swanson

Revised Edition (c) 1981 Foundation for Christian Self-Government and (c) 1983 The Mayflower Institute

(Includes the Pilgrims, Mayflower Compact of 1620)

2.God and Government, Issues in Biblical Perspective, Vol 2, by Gary Demar, (c) 1984 American Vision Press

  Atlanta, Georgia. (Contains workbook with questions and answers sections.)


The Great Awaking Revival of 1734-1770 was a most significant move of God upon all the colony's. The sovereign act of God upon certain Pastors and Evangelist preachers shook the entire populace with a supernatural move of the Holy Spirit upon every listener. The main message though spoken with eloquence and simplicity was: repentance to God for personal sins, forgiveness in Jesus Christ alone, Holy living standards taught in scripture and the eternal judgment of God.

The first man to be used by God for this purpose was Pastor/Theologian Rev. Johnathan Edwards in Northampton, Massachusets in 1734. Searching his name on the internet should reveal his life story.  The Holy Spirit moving upon lives when Johnathan preached is testified of in church history eye witnesses. The great awaking in America started with J. Edwards.

Thereafter, the Lord used Evangelist George Whitefield from England to preach to hundreds of thousands if not more during his lifetime. Other preachers where strongly used by the Lord to preach in their regions with the same general messages as these men. However, God choose these first two men to lead the way to church revival and many new souls brought into the Kingdom of God. Searching the internet on George Whitefield should give you a good understanding of his ministry unto his last sermon in New Berryport, Massachusets.

I have visited both men's grave sites out of respect of these former servants of God. I have studied their basic approaches to preaching and sermons. Though, these men where more eloquent than my speaking ability yet we preach the same general messages except, I emphases the need for personal Pentecost for each believer in Christ as the book of Acts teaches and much-much more doctrine teaching and prophecy quoting.

George Whitefield founded a boys orphanage in Savannah, Georgia in 1740. ( This is the oldest continuous boys orphanage in the USA. It is now a small school which includes other students. I visited this orphanage in 2013 and talked with the director of the orphanage. I wanted to trace the historic connections behind the founding of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.) Thereafter, George Whitefield named and founded Nazareth,Pennsylvania in 1740 for the purpose of building a new school for these young male orphans. He hired the Moravian's who recently arrived in Savannah from their first mission to the new colony's. They agreed to build the new school on the new land he purchased from William Penn's granddaughter. He paid for their transportation with his own sloop ship up the coast to Philadelphia then wagons and horseback ride sixty miles north to Nazareth.  The Moravian's successfully built the large school building and two log cabins which are still there today. However, George ran out of money to pay operational costs. Unfortunately, George's assistant Rev. Seaward who was helping bankroll the project, traveled back into Europe to do evangelistic preaching but was stoned to death for gospel preaching. Seaward forgot to put George's name in his will therefore, the money dried up. So, Whitefield had to stop the school project and sell Nazareth to the Moravians. Count Zinzendorf was the leader with money behind the Moravian's mission to American and his money purchased Nazareth. The next year in 1741,eight miles south, the Moravian's (who trace their spiritual linage back to Rev. Pastor Johannes (John) Huss 1372-1415, Protestant reformer in Bohemia now Czech Republic), founded Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for the purpose of Evangelizing the colony's and mission work in the Caribbean Islands, etc from Bethlehem.

The common union between Whitefield and the Moravian preachers was Jesus Christ as Lord and the Salvation of souls. The main difference between them was George Whitefield held John Calvin views. This was the view that God selected some people for salvation and all the others for damnation into Hell. This is the hard predestination view primarily coming from Romans 8:29-39. Of course, with this in mind, Whitefield did not know who God had chosen for salvation. So, he had to preach to everyone all over the colony's to see who would get saved. His work was very successful.

The Moravian held the Bible doctrinal position that "whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord can be saved." Acts 2:21 or Jesus saying "I'am the door by me if any man enter in he shall be saved".... John 10:9 plus dozens of similar texts shouting out "whosever." So, they had to preach all people over the areas where they where led. My Conclusion is that God used both Whitefield and the Moravians as much as he could in the salvation of lost humanity even with huge salvation doctrine differences.

Furthermore, I'm thoroughly convinced from the many texts in scripture that whosever calls upon the Lord can be saved and not a special chosen few. Though only some are called to be ordained by Christ into the Ephesians 4:11 ministry offices. In my own exegesis of the Romans 8:29-39 texts, I'm convinced Paul is referring to Israel as Gods covenant elect in these passages and not a group of gentile believers who are now first hearing the gospel of Christ. Pauls audience at the church in Rome where both Jew and Gentile.

Additionally, in 1735 the Moravian Bishop of Bethlehem, A.G. Spangenberg during their ship's stormy Atlantic ocean crossing before docking in Savannah, who would later be the first Bishop of the Bethlehem congregation, was answering questions from a non-Moravian Englishman passenger. This man was practicing good God centered holy living for years yet unsure about salvation in Christ alone. Spangenberg asked the man, "Do you know Jesus Christ?  Have you the witness within yourself?  Does the Spirit of God witness with your spirit that you are a child of God?  These questions got him to think deeper.

In London, April 1738, another Moravian Rev. Peter Bohler ( who would live in Bethlehem) walked with this same man exhorting him "not to stop short the grace of God."  On Wednesday May 24, 1738, this man was invited and attend reluctantly the Moravian society Aldersgate Street meeting in London. In that meeting, he heard the exposition on the book of Romans that Martin Luther wrote in the 1500's. "Describing the change God works in the heart  through faith in Christ" The man said, "I felt my heart strangely warmed. I felt that I did trust in Christ, Christ alone for salvation and an assurance was given me that he had taken away my sins, even mine and had saved me from the law of sin and death." These quotes are from his own journals that he wrote and left behind for posterity. His name is John Wesley. John Wesley on Wednesday night and thee days earlier on Pentecost Sunday brother Charles Wesley where both moved upon by God's Holy Spirit for salvation assurance. Plus, it can be argued each had their Pentecostal experience with the Baptism in the Holy Spirit along with the other thirty some men attending the Aldersgate meeting. (John said in his journals that he regarded Peter Bohler with respect as a Father in the faith and mentor figure.) God was working on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean with a fresh move of his Holy Spirit in Europe and America. He was furthering his kingdom by building the church that would go around the world in these last four-hundred years unto billions of people.

This would be the beginning of the great move of God's Holy Spirit in England and Europe. John Wesley's strong preaching and Charles writing/singing thousands of songs had great effect in their day. Their ministry would greatly influence America. After John's death in 1791, the Methodist Church movement started. This was a Pentecostal and Holiness movement with signs following. It's too bad for the most part, it is not that way today in the early 21st century but with God, revival is always possible. Even the Moravian Church has drifted far from it's Pentecostal beginnings and one-hundred year prayer meeting ending in Bethlehem. In 2010, I wrote a graduate research paper about Pentecostal outpourings.. Quoting Mora vain Bishop John Greenfield's book "Power from on High," 1927. He said it was most important for the Moravian church to get back to their Pentecostal beginnings of 1727.  I say, the hour is late, the Lord soon to return, oil is needed in every lamp and trimmed ready but with God all things are possible.

During his 35 some years, George Whitefield revivals saw the Holy Spirit greatly moving with signs following among many thousands even his last sermon as records testify.  He preached thousands of times during his ministry. He just road into New Berryport; He was ready for a Saturday night sleep because he was preaching in the morning at Old South Church which was next door to the first floor house where he was staying. The crowd gathered outside his window, asking him for one more sermon. He said, ok,"I will preach until my light goes out."  George Whitefield preached his sermon until the candle in window burned out. He retired to bed and never woke up. He died in his sleep that night. I visited Old South Church several years ago and got the written story from the pastors of Old South Church. They even asked me to pull the rope to ring the same church bell for morning service. My name is in their visitors log. I concluded on my own, that George did preach until his light went out. He preached until his light burned out. No more light needed, his work is completed. God called him home. How about you preacher? Are you preaching with your light burning? Is it gone out before your appointed time? 

During Johnathan Edwards meeting, his journal and sermons record, the Holy Spirit moving upon many with supernatural signs. God used Edwards in a marvelous way to get things started. God confirms his word with signs following. Mark 16:20  Years later,John paid the price for righteousness sake when the congregation turned against him because he would not allow known Christian backsliders nor un-saved people to take holy communion. He was fired from that pastor position and moved to his next and last church in western Massachusets town called Stockbridge. This is where Tanglewood Music Center is today. For all you musicians etc: Tanglewood is a large outside park where the Boston Pops orchestra had performed, many 1960's-70's rock groups had performed, where Arlo Guthrie 1967 "Alice Restaurant" song was first sung in a downtown church basement but not Edwards last church area.Those of you from the "Wood Stock" generation know what I'm taking about. I was invited to Woodstock but decided not to go on that Friday in August 69. Also, Stockbridge is home to the Norman Rockwell paintings Museum. I visited Stockbridge several years ago being invited by the clergy older brother who was Interim pastor of Edwards last church. The original church burned down in the 1800's. The next church was built upon the same site that Johnathan Edwards preached to the native Indians before he accepted the Princeton University President position at Princeton, New Jersey. After arriving at Princeton, he died two months later from a new Small Pox inoculation in 1758. He took the advise if his friends to accept the President of Princeton position. It appears his friends counsel was wrong!  Its American church history that I was interested in knowing more about. So, I visited his large grave site at Princeton. I think, Johnathan Edwards light went out way too early. It went out by accident or Satan succeeded in extinguishing his light before his full due time. I feel sorry about his lost. I'm sure he would have made major contributions into the lives of many young smart college students. Nevertheless, God's prophetic time clock continues to tick away. Time moves onward, each generation has it own work to do in the Lord before the Lord returns.

These revivals where preliminary work of the Lord in order to get the next generation ready for the next step in God's plan for the birth of a  new country called America. God was preparing a new nation for civil freedom like no other nation on earth. It started with preaching salvation only in Christ with the moving of the Holy Spirit in great ways upon the listeners. Repentance to God, forgiveness of sins then living God's way in Christ happened too many people in the thirteen colony's. When the Declaration of Independence was written, proclaimed and the Revolutionary war started in 1776 there where about 2.1 million confessing Christians out of 3 million population. 70% of the citizens had confessed Christ as Lord and Saviour which should be the percentage to reach for today... 70% preachers, lets go!!        ( Aim at nothing and you will probably hit it!)  Each where in their own level of development onto maturity in Christ. Each had a faith and commitment at some level to obey the Bible's New Testament instructions.  This was: Biblical power, praying power, faith power, worship power, Word power, supernatural power in the church of God that God Almighty would use to go forward in the colony's to win the battles for civil freedom as a nation under God, as a nation under Christ the Lord. The price was paid with lost lives in war against other men who use military power to do evil works over mankind for their own glory, honor and praise. However, the great victory won in the American Revolutionary War would benefit future billions of people who would come into this world to receive knowledge of internal freedom, meaningful purpose, forgiveness of our sins, living for God and eternal life in his Son, Jesus Christ. In my view, The only purpose of that large 2.1 million member church in America was and is today, to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ into the entire world until Christ returns to rule it.




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